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Welcome to Know about Cats

Thank you for checking out this site. Here you will find all you need to know about Cats and Kittens,to make your Cat and yourself comfortable.

Cats are great companions. Many of us live alone and want to have someone around us, someone who loves us, no matter how we look and feel at the moment. Some like the fact that they can talk to their cat and that the cat will never give a negative answer. Maybe others want to have a new family member and companion for their kids and to teach them the first steps of taking care of others and sharing responsibilities. Cats are cute and cuddly but do not need to be around you all the time, so their affection is not overwhelming. Health professionals and researchers are finding that having a cat can actually benefit your health. Studies have shown that cats can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart disease, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood and reduce loneliness. Cats are relatively independent animals and they don’t need your constant attention. Unlike dogs, you do not need to take them for a walk for example. Another great thing about cats is that they are very clever and adaptable, so after a while they will learn your daily routine and follow along.

Cats provide you a good reason to communicate with other cat lovers and share experiences. Cats can open the door to new friendships and association with other cat lovers. You might just want to give a homeless cat a shelter and receive in return a lifelong loving attention or give an already existing cat a new friend. Whatever your reasons are; be aware of the responsibilities too.  Cats are living creatures and your decision is a decision about the life of a living, feeling animal. Such decision should not be done without giving it a thorough thought.

know about cats

know about cats

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Cats, all you wanted to know about Cats

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know about kitten

know about kitten

Cats, all you wanted to know about kittens
Know about Cats

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How To Stop Separation Anxiety

How To Stop Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a very stressful behavioral issue that affects a huge percentage of the dog population, possibly as high as 14%. It is one of the most misunderstood issues with people trying to treat it by approaching it from a human point of view and failing to see the cause. The answer to how to stop separation is simple. Show your dog that you are the pack leader. Let me explain.

Recognizing that the following behaviors are symptoms is a start. They are as wide-ranging as they are distressing for the dog, but by treating them you are not treating the cause of the problem. First, ask yourself the question; does the behavior stop when you return? If so then I suggest that you’re being away is actually connected to the cause. Let’s take a look at a few of the key symptoms.

Chewing –releases an endorphin similar to the one released when a human is chewing gum in an attempt to stay calm.
Barking, whining – this is a call for the owners to return to the pack, similar to if you were to call your children when you can’t find them
Escaping when you are not there – often very destructive, extreme and sometimes dangerous. Your dog is looking for you. So many people are told to try and exercise the problem out of their dog but it will not solve the problem
Digging, destruction – this is all connected to stressful and anxious behavior.
Self-mutilation – excessive, licking and chewing oneself. Excessive drooling is also a sign of stress. These are signs that are often mistaken for being medical conditions but are all stress-related
Toileting – if your dog is toilet trained but starts going toilet inside and you think that it is behavioral then it could well be. If it is only occurring when your dog is away from you then it is very likely connected to your dog having separation anxiety
Whilst there are lots of places that you can find advice on how to treat all these symptoms there is only one way to treat the cause of the problem. If you are serious about how to stop separation anxiety then you must become the pack leader.

Separation anxiety is a very straight forward problem that occurs when your dog believes they are the pack leader and you are their puppy or member of their pack. In the wild dogs do not wander off out the den on their own and your dog’s separation anxiety will continue until you return to him. Once you show your dog that you are the pack leader your dog will be fine with you coming and going as you please.

One of the best places to understand more about establishing yourself as the pack leader is the video-based web site The Online Dog Trainer run by professional dog trainer Doggy Dan. Understanding the real cause of the problem is the first step, becoming the pack leader is the solution.  CLICK HERE: 

The Story of Dusk The Cat

The Story of Dusk The Cat

Today I had unexpected guests. A couple from our Neighbourhood and Dusk the cat.

The story of Dusk the Cat

The Story of Dusk The Cat

Jenny Roy and Dusk

It was 10 years ago when the beloved cat of a neighbour died ,she was very old and sick .The owner of the Cat, Jenny, is a Lady who came sometimes to buy eggs from our farm and had always her cat in the car. She loved this cat like her child. That cat died and Jenny was very sad and cried. It made me think ,how to make her feel better.

We had a lot of wild cats around which we fed ,but they never would let us touch them. Even the kitten of these wild cats did not let us touch them. We saw this Lady so sad and thought maybe we can make her happy with a Kitten. The wild cats had many kittens and they did hide under our deck outside the kitchen . One day ,it was a rainy day and it was not possible to work outside, I made a toy with a thread and a piece of paper and went for a kitten hunt .I had a basket with a lid and it took me a long time to play with the wild kitten so they would come near enough . After more than an hour, I was able to catch one. It was a black kitten with long hair. I put it in the basket and drove to my neighbour’s house. Jenny’s husband Roy opened the door and I showed him the kitten in the basket and told him how I had caught it for his wife Jenny. He first was not very happy but called Jenny. When she saw the kitten ,she was in love . I left the kitten and went home not sure if it was a good idea ? Was it really good for them ? After a few month ,Jenny called me to come and visit her. It was unbelievable ,this cat was so in love with her ,it was visible right when I came into her room/ The cat looking lovingly at her sitting on her shoulder. Jenny was happy and grateful. I did not see them very often anymore, only sometimes in town or on the way waving while driving by.Our neighbourhood is wide stretches outside of town.

Over the years I heard they traveled a lot with the cat and how good she is behaving ,she won some competitions and looked beautiful. Roy told me that they took the cat with them on travel journeys all over US and Canada and she was accepted even in the best hotels and behaving phenomenal . Dusk never got sick and only had usual visits to the vet.The Story of Dusk The Cat

But today It was the 10th birthday of Dusk and this is why I got unexpected guests . They came to thank me and show me the cat and told me how much joy this cat had brought into their life. It was really uplifting to see this two people and Dusk the cat in love with each other. I hope that Dusk will stay with them and be alive for many years.

This is how a good intention and a little kindness can make somebodies life change  and how the happiness and joy come back to us.

Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats

    Bengal Cats

There are a lot of different cat breeds ,one of the wild looking is the Bengal Cat, but as we will see they need a lot of attention and not everybody has the time for a cat like this .

Bengal cats are a hybrid variety of cats, that are very homely and pleasant by nature with a really wild look. They’re additionally very intelligent and alert. Together with being pleasant, they are very good at sports. Their distinct options are markings similar to spots and rosette. It looks very much like the Asian Leopard Cat and from its name was the phrase “Bengal” taken.

Bengals have an average build. Males weigh as much as fifteen kilos and females weigh as much as ten pounds. The horizontal traces on the side of their face, start at the side of their eyes and goes to the back of their neck, are called mascara. Their bodies have spotting which is usually rosette or some even have a marbled coat pattern. Bengals with spots and more than one color, are more in demand. The spot colors can be from rust to chocolate brown to cocoa to grey and black. Their tail, hind legs and fore limbs are striped. Bengals cats win in most of the competitions championships ,because they are some of the most exotic pets and intelligent and pleasant in nature.

Bengals are a result of years of selective crossbreeding . Jean Mill of United States developed Bengals in 1970s. They’re a hybrid breed created from crossing different breeds of domestic cats like American shorthair, Egyptian maus, ocicat, Abyssinian and different shorthaired pet cats. Basically, they originated by crossing small Asian Leopard cat or ALC and domestic cat This gives them the wild and exotic look with a pleasant nature. Breeders ares till working all over the globe to develop more qualities on this breed. The inspiration generations of the filial are the first three generations of Bengals. A lot of the males of those generations did not have the ability to breed, where as the females were. After the fifth generation, they had been no longer crossbred; as an alternative breeding was done between Bengal cats.

Presently there are three kinds of Bengal cats out there as pets, the Cheetoh, the Toyger, and the Serengeti cat. The Cheetoh are hybrid cats from crossing Ocicat and Bengal, to get a spotted cat breed. The Toyger are hybrid cats, that are produced by crossing domestic pets that results in a cat with stripes. The Serengeti cat, by crossing Siamese or Oriental cats to get a cat that appears like an African Serval,has been produced.

Based mostly on their patterns they are often named as brown marbled tabby, brown spotted tabby and ….. Other than the mentioned colors, additionally they are available blue, gray, and black, but only to get recognition across the world in these colors.

Not like other domestic cats, Bengals get fascinated with water and are easy to bathe. They get interestd in tap water, bathe and immediately leap inside the tub. They are also skilled to vocalize so as to interact with their owners. They are very active and play hide and seek and also learn games very well. Young ones want human attention and can be bonded with playing for more than an hour during the day and evening. They are attention seekers and all the time attempt to be involved in human activities. They follow their owners, but don’t like to sit on laps. People who have made their minds to keep Bengals as pet needs to be conscious that they need to spend lots of time with the cat, otherwise it will get bored. And if the cat gets bored it will possibly get annoyed and can make trouble . They have really a lot of energy, which they need to set free, that may only be done by keeping them occupied with activities. Owners who do not have time ,should actually keep two Bengals, so that they can play with each other. But the Bengals need to be given equal attention, otherwise one of them will get envious of the other.

What do you think ,would you choose  Bengal cats as pet ?

What is your favorite cat breed ?

Please leave a comment if you liked the post ,thank you.

The 10 Biggest Myths About Dog Training

The 10 Biggest Myths About Dog Training

There are a lot of conflicting opinions and myths about dog training out there and most of them are not right.
In this article ,Doggy Dan will tell about his
real experiences he got by working with dogs
and really understanding them.

1. It takes a lot of time to train a dog

This is not true .It can be very easy when you know how
It is not necessary to spend a lot of time in obedience
classes for dogs and walk in circles by bad weather.
This is the old way and a waste of time. Dogs are easy going
animals ,they like to walk and be trained once a day,but they
also, like to sleep a lot.
If you have been doing classes and your dog is still not obedient
then something is wrong.

See the solution here > Doggy Dan

2. Only one person can be a pack leader

Dogs can respect all people in a house and listen to them ,if they
are calm and gentle, the dog will listen to the commands. It is not                                                 true that a dog only listens to one master.

Watch at Doggy Dans site ,how to get to be a pack leader                                                                   click here

3. It is necessary to attend a puppy school

Usually, puppy schools are not effective at all,they are not a good
investment. Most of the time the puppy owners only sit around and
get to know other puppies .The only thing they learn is usually “sit”.
The important things are left out .Gaining knowledge about a dog
and understanding would be more important.

4. Good dog training is expensive

A lot of money is spent on training classes with very
poor advice and People do not know where to get quality training
for an affordable price. After attending expensive classes
the dog is still a nightmare for them.

Here is one of the best dog training programs on the market
and not expensive at all
click here The Online Dog Trainer

5. A dog only can be trained in a positive way

But this is often not a complete solution.Often it is needed
to step in and stop bad behavior.It is very important to
understand the dog and get it to behave in a positive and
loving way.No need to hurt ,but more than only rewards are needed.
A dog is like a child and needs praise ,but also you need to stop
bad actions and use timeouts to make him think over.
Treats often are used incorrectly and do not solve the problem.

6. Never use food treats

Treats used the right way to the right time ,can be powerful helpers,
but in more than 250 videos Doggy Dan shows how to use them effectively
and also learn what to do so you do not need them.

Click here to see it > Doggy Dan

7. Old dogs can not learn new tricks

Dogs are always ready to learn and like to relax and have a pleasant
life,but for this, you need to know them well and be able to
communicate with them.

See how to do this here

8. Practice and hard work are needed

If training is done in a right way ,your dog will obey easily.
Dogs are very smart and will behave in a matter of minutes if you
are able to communicate right with them and are the leader.
Work smart not hard .

9. Small dogs are easier to train

It does not matter if big or small,it is like with people

we can not judge them by size!

10.Trouble making dogs are stupid

Not true,many of this dogs are very clever.we only need to learn
to understand these intelligent creatures.

Do you feel like you miss something and are struggling
with your dog’s training ?

Did you have a bad experience ?

Write a comment and let me know.

If you like this information ,please share ,thank you

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he can feel where a dog is coming from and why he behaves in a certain way.

What he teaches makes sense.

You will see that the method works ,because the dog will respond to it .

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Leash pulling

Fears and phobias


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Know about Cats – Caring For Persian Cats

Persian Cat

 Persian Cat

Persian cats are among the many popular breeds of cat.
Well-known for his or her gentle and sweet personalities
and their long hair, Persian cats are very attractive.
They are nice companions for nearly anybody, and never very
demanding. Not like other breeds, such as the Siamese breed,
Persian breeds want little or no attention.

Although white is the color normally associated with Persian cats,
they really are available in a variety of other colors as well.
For a competitions, they are divided into seven shades ,
like strong, silver and gold, tabby, shaded and smoke,
parti color, bicolor, and Himalayan.

It doesn’t matter what coloration of Persian cat it may be,
they are best noticed >throughout competitions by their
long and flowing coats.

Persian cats should always be kept inside of the house,
to protect their coat. If they travel , they can easily harm
their coat.

They also should be brushed each day with a
metal comb, or their coat can become tangled, which can
result in hairballs. You’ll want to wash your Persian cat
on a regular basis as well, to help protect his coat.

Bathing works best when the cat is young, as it will get
him or her used to it. Bathing is always necessary, it
will keep your cats coat clear and healthy. Some breeds
keep their coats on their very own, Persians can’t.

Their fur is long and dense and also you need to groom
them each day to make sure their coat stays healthy.

The Persian breed is gentle , getting along nice with everybody
including kids. They have a nice voice ,which is pleasant to hear.
Using their voice and their eyes, they can communicate with
their owners.

They are very playful, but they don’t need a lot of attention.
They love attention and love being admired. Not like other cats,
they don’t climb and jump a lot at all. They are not destructive,
they only love being admired and lying around. Most of the time,
Persian cats like to sit in the sun and show how beautiful they are.

Persian cat

        Persian cat

Most breeds may be kept indoors or outside, Persian cats should be kept inside and not allowed to go out of the house.
Keeping them inside will protect their coats and avoid diseases and keep common parasites away as well.

You do not have to worry about cars or canine when you keep your pet inside.

To make sure that your Persian pet stays healthy, you should
take him to the vet on an annual basis. If cared for properly,
like grooming,shots, and checkups, Persian cats can live as
long as 20 years.

One thing you should pay attention to that is common with Persians
is their eyes. Their eyes are very big and can be to much for the
cat to clean. It is a common health issue with the breed, and
should be checked on a regular basis .

When you compare Persians to other breeds, you will notice
that the Persians are easy to keep. You don’t have to worry
about issues like jumping or climbing, as Persians don’t like
to do this. All you have to do is feed your cat and groom
him or her.Grooming may be a bit of work in the long term.
It is worth it when you want to have a healthy and
beautiful Persian cat.

Read more about Cats  here and how to get rid 

of Cat hair 

Know About Cat – A Look At Cat Breeds

Siamese cat

           Siamese cat

Over the last 1000’s of years, cats have pretty much

handled their breeding themselves. At the begin,

they were used for one goal,hunting and

killing rodents.

Over the years, we began to breed more cats. Today,

there are several completely different cat breeds.

These days there are over 70 different cat breeds, which are recognized by cat registries.

Some registries recognize around 40 breeds, they exclude the domestic breeds such as tigers.

There are variations as well, including wild cats which have longer hair.

There are some cat breeds who have roots going back in

history. Japanese breeds,

like the Japanese Bobtail, can be found  back more than 1,000 years in history.

These cats were very common and well known all through Medieval Japan.

Now they are all but a fable all through Japan and the whole world.

The more widespread cat breeds which are found in North America include the alley cat,

long haired cat, and Persian cat.

Siamese cats are also widespread and they are well known

to be harmful and to have a foul temper. Persian cats are very popular, because they are

Persian cat

        Persian cat

great companions. Persian cats can be very expensive,

depending on the place you get it and what kind of Persian

cat it is. Alley cats are the most typical in North America.

There are several different breeds,but most of us simply

call them alley cats.


They make good pets and there are 1000’s of them in existence.

Cats breed more than any other pet, Alley cats are the most bred

and there are 1000’s of cats which are homeless and they have nothing to do but breed.

The look of the cat is the easiest way to find out what breed he or she is. Some people choose

by color, though color isn’t as easy to identify.Cats of different breeds have different looks,

for example the Siamese and Persian catsSiamese cats are most of the time black,

and easy to identify by their color and their eyes. Persian cats are easily identified

by their body and hair.

Over the years, there has been a few breeds come along. Cats were one of the first pets,

and popular. Millions of people around the world own cats, many prefer a cat over

another pet, including dogs. No matter what kind of cat breed you get you are sure

to get a pet who makes a good companion for years and years to come.

More about Cats here. Know about cats

How To Potty Train Your Puppy – Puppy Toilet Training

Puppy Toilet Training

Puppy Toilet Training

Nothing is worse !

The sun is shining when you wake up , another beautiful day.
But you discover your puppy rolling in his poo when you come out of your bedroom ! Hmmm.

Everywhere the same.

Clean up takes at least 30-45 min and you are going to be late today for sure.

This is very frustrating!

Take your puppy outside to pee-pee and you return inside after.
Only seconds later your dog continues with sprinkle all over your rug.


Puppy toilet training  should not take long or be hard?

Right. It isn’t.It is this…

No magic wand will turn your puppy’s toileting around but there are a lot of little tricks that and you are not using most of them.

The crazy thing is that Most people don’t do anything because they never have been told what to do. Nobody has explained these important little things about your puppy’s toilet training.

They are all easy all logical. Let me show you in the right way with some of them and you can get the idea and I will tell you the most awesome toilet training resource that I found .

1. Stay calm:

Firstl you have to accept that you are responsible. Training a baby to use a potty is likely the same. You can’t blame them not being toilet trained and your can not get mad on them.

Becoming angry and shouting at your puppy and being mad will do nothing to train them to relax and listen to your command to do the toilet outside!

Think of trying to go to the toilet with an angry person , staring at you!

It is simply so out of date , rubbing a dog’s nose in its pee,that is rubbish . People who do this, have totally missed the point.

Think about it…

Why does your puppy pee in the house?

It needed to go. Right?

“OK, I gotta go pee-pee…right NOW!” They are maybe bursting and holding and need to go.

The door was shut as well, what do you expect?

When you rub your puppy’s nose in it…it is still not sure where it is supposed to go.

Repeat…It is still not sure where it is supposed to go.

Got it now?

You start telling your puppy off for going pee-pee on the couch you ar telling your puppy , not on this place. Go somewhere else…


“It is still not sure where to go!”

Right. You need to show them where to go and this is puppy toilet training.

2. Focus on the goal:

Its odd that the biggest mistake that people make with toilet training is the most important one. They take too soon their eye off the goal, start telling poor puppy off when they get it wrong. This is the secret ….

Every time they go toilet in the right place, reward your puppy with good treats ,…

That’s right. With good treats, every time and a long time!

This will motivate the puppy faster than rewarding them with a couple of amazing tasting little treats immediately after they have finished.

Notice I say immediately. Not 30 seconds later… It should be within 2 seconds. The connection to the pee-pee they just did will be lost,if its too late. They will very quickly start to link the two,if they get their treats very quickly .


Your puppy thinks Ah-Ha … “So if I pee-pee on the grass you give me the most amazing treat?” “OK…Deal!”

Most of us will only reward for a week or two and then stop,
because we forget about.

On a great 40 minute toilet training audio the other day I heard, to leave a jar with treats outside by the pee-pee area so that even if you forget to take treats out with you there are already some at hand.

3. It does take time

Remember that puppies are still young and learning.

Puppy toilet training takes TIME and PATIENCE! Sometimes 3 years or more for young children.

Think about this for a second.

Your puppy may be 16 weeks old ! Children can’t even lift their own heads at that age and we become frustrated that our puppy is not perfectly toilet trained by that age…

So take a breath and relax. The good news is that you can do it and your puppy is perfectly normal.

So focus on the success. It is learning for life, see what you could have done different.

4. The rug

This is a little tip I heard from that audio file I mentioned earlier that I’ll tell you about, it is exactly what happens all the time.

Here’s the scenario…

Your puppy finds a nice thick piece of rug it feels good, like gras, a good place to go pee-pee, or even worse poo-poo!

It is your new, thick, white, shag pile rug and its very hard to get the stains and smell out of.

Your puppy can still smell the pee and poo even when cleaned,and so now it smells like a good place to go and your beautiful shag pile rug is a very costly toilet mat.

They secret is simple. Pick it up and put it back down in 6 months time .

5. Knowledge is everything:

When it comes to toilet training there really are so many things to think about and you will simply not think of them all . You need to be told the secrets before your toileting goes pear-shaped.

And the best place that I have found by far to get hold of all the tips about dog and puppy training including toilet training is Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer 

Inside the site are over 250 videos including a whole section with an amazing 40 minute recording on puppy toilet training ,its all that you could possibly want to know.

What’s inside?

– Those tricky times. What to do during the night and when you are at work . How long can you leave them alone.

– How to make your puppy win and make no mistakes.

– How to get them back on track if they regress at 4 months old .

– Older dogs. Why much older dogs who are several years old can suddenly start going toilet in the house and what to do to stop it.

– Habit Breaking. How to break an old habit if your puppy is toileting all over the house.

– Crate training. Everything you need to know about crate training your puppy if you choose to use that approach.

Plus all the tips, and advice on every topic to do with toilet training and schedules.

So that’s all for now. I hope you get a handle on your puppy’s toilet training sooner rather than later.

End the frustration, I suggest you take a look at Doggy Dan’s site The Online Dog Trainer and check out the Toilet Training section inside the site.

CLICK HERE: The Online Dog Trainer



Stop Dog from Barking

How To Make A Dog Stop Pulling On The Leash

dog pulling leash


Is your shoulder sore or weak from your dog pulling you and yanking down the street?

Me, me, me, I hear you cry! Millions of people can’t enjoy their walk with their dog ,because their are pulling on the leash.

Why not train your dog to walk without pulling on your site so you can enjoy your walk with no hassle!

What do you think? Its not complicated at all! It may take a little time, but it would be worth mastering. Expert Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan, demonstrates in his video, it can be a 5 minute turnaround .CLICK HERE: 

Let me first tell you first some of the key mistakes that people a make when walking their dog.

As I mentioned before there are a lot of tricks how to walk your dog on the leash correctly , that he walks beside you. If you have a determined dog, (and they maybe both big and small size) you need to know all of them to you master the walk.

But generally , the tips I am giving you now will really help… So lets get started and get into the training.

To keep your dog calm is the most important thing to remember . If your dog is like a raging bull when you go out of the gate, like the one in the video ,it is going to be much harder to get them to walk nicely without pulling on the leash .
Calm them down! But how ? I hear you cry…

Alright, alright, I will tell you…

1. Calming your dog down.
Think about how you leave the house. You bring the leash and BANG! Your beautiful dog becomes a rocket. He jumps up, tail wagging, runs around and demands to put the leash on . Now …if you put the leash on your dog he gets even more excited!

Simple why? The lead you give him as a reward is what makes him excited. And his behavior gets more and more extreme. He becomes more excited .

Same thing happens as your dog drags you towards the door, barging his way along first and pulls you down the path. This makes your dog even more excited. He will be bursting when you get on the path!

Take your time next time you go for a walk with your dog . Take the leash and wait until the dog to calms down. Right. do what you were doing , continue and ignore your dog. If he does not calm down put the leash away .

It can take a little while, or maybe a long period, but your dog calms down after a few attempts. When he is calm , try again and repeat until he is totally relaxed when you take the leash.

Repeate this process until you are ready to start your walk. Wait calmly with your dog on the leash until he calms down before continuing or take the leash off and wait a few minutes.

Take some time to get this right now or you are going to be dragged around for ever. This issue is not “self correceting”.

Step two is an easy exercise you have to turn around when the dog pulls .

2. Change direction
Before you start , look which way the dog is heading. If he wants to go right, you turn left. Step to the left and repeat this until he is taking notice what you are doing.

Or simply change direction when your dog starts to pull, go another way.

Do this early, don’t wait untill the dog is miles in front. Your dog ends up behind you by doing this exercise . It can take some time but your dog is going to learn it.

3. Chose the right device
There are different devices available to help you to gett your dog to heel,take a look . In the video you see Doggy Dan using a special harness , the attachment is under the dogs chin. It is different to a normal harness which has the attachment on the back and the dog ends up pulling .

4. The pack leader leads…remember this
The pack leader leads the walk from the front He will fight for being at the front, if you are not the pack leader In your dogs eyes. Its as simple as that. Not possible to cheat a dog, especially the strong minded ones! To become the pack leader has to be learned, and is the basis of Doggy Dan’s world-famous training method.

The 5 Golden Rules,he developed, when followed every day, will help you to become the pack leader in gentle way. On his video website The Online Dog Trainer  , he shows this before any training begins, first establish yourself as the leader and use the 5 rules – this is really important in solving problems on dog behavior .

5. Some extra tips
Earlier, I mentioned there are some other tips and tricks like knowing how and when pull the leash a little without going over the top. When and where to give some freedom to the dog go sniff and pee needs some understanding(usually that’s the why we are going for a dog walk isn’t it!)

Look at Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer,if you need to master the walk,he has over 250 videos. It is the best dog training site ever. Currently there are 7 great videos showing how to walk your dog, without him pulling on the leash and how to deal with all the issues and questions you have. There is even a 30 minute audio in the site – which you can listen on your walk!

Walking the dog everybody wants to enjoy, don’t wait any longer!

Remember when the pulling stops your dog will be glad as well , and he will walk  calmly beside you!   Click here


Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog.

Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog.

How to have the perfect dog? A lot of Dog owners talk about this and would like to have the perfect Dog ,but does a perfect Dog exist?
If we would ask …………is there a perfect person? I think the answer to that is , No!

Certainly there are really great people out there and there are some amazing dogs as well. What is the trick?

Here is my best advice.

Before you are going to a puppy school and learn how to do roly-polies and the commando crawl, think about this.

Does your dream dog do this? Is your dream dog like a monkey , so visitors come they can say ” Wow how clever he is ……..He well trained how do you make him to do that” ?and so on.

Usually in many of these cases the dog owner has to warn  the visitors ” No, don’t go near him when he’s eating, be careful when you pat him , do not touch his head, keep the kids away from his toys..!”

Is this not crazy?

So much time and effort is spent on how to do commands ,like sit and stay but we never think about the really important things. Or it is often too late.

Why this is so,do you want to know?

Because most dog trainers do what all the others are doing!

The sit, the down and the stay is what they all train! Right !Nobody asking  WHY?

Nothing new.

Would you put your dog to sleep (yes, I am talking about euthanized) because he didn’t a proper sit? Think about it….. Or the down command was too slow? Or because he did not stay proper? Certainly not ,who cares about this.

But this is what you learn at puppy school! WHY?!

And ,Aggression? Oh Boy.

A lot of dogs are put to sleep because they are aggressive, barking, growling, and challenging Aggressive to kids, owners and strangers , this is bad news.

An out of control dog is dangerous, pulling on the leash, ignoring you . And what about danger around cars and other dogs.

Few dog trainers show you how to prevent this, because only a few a understand it !

Most ideas of a perfect dog, are including all of the following 5 behaviors:

1. Around other animals and other dogs being calm
2. Being friendly to people and children
3. Obedient and relaxed at home
4. Coming when called at the park

5.Quiet when walking on the leash on the street
Hhmmm…….I hear you think. Yes you got it! 

Your next question ? let me guess

How do we accomplish this?

Ok, this great news , it’s not complicated. It is not complicated and tricky anymore ,all thanks to Doggy Dan’ s  video website  The Online Dog Trainer
On his website is the most amazing collection of videos and he shows you how really to get this kind of ‘perfect’ dog. Doggy Dan shows you In fact the video diary of 8 week old puppy Moses, he guides you through all the stages of accomplishing all the things we just thought about. 

Doggy Dan for an entire year filmed his puppy growing up and has a series of teachings each week which has to learned at every stage of a puppy’s life.Watch and train your puppy at the right time and make sure you don’t have problems later on.

If your dog is fully grown the site caters for every dog problem that you could face later on. You will find information about health, food, behaviour and training as well.

Doggy Dan’ s site is really amazing ,it has over 250 videos inside. It will show you exactly how to train those 5 important behaviors we mentioned … and much, much more!

If you really want to have a perfect dog, look no further you will be proud of your dog, take a tour inside Doggy Dan’ s site here: CLICK HERE

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