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Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats

    Bengal Cats

There are a lot of different cat breeds ,one of the wild looking is the Bengal Cat, but as we will see they need a lot of attention and not everybody has the time for a cat like this .

Bengal cats are a hybrid variety of cats, that are very homely and pleasant by nature with a really wild look. They’re additionally very intelligent and alert. Together with being pleasant, they are very good at sports. Their distinct options are markings similar to spots and rosette. It looks very much like the Asian Leopard Cat and from its name was the phrase “Bengal” taken.

Bengals have an average build. Males weigh as much as fifteen kilos and females weigh as much as ten pounds. The horizontal traces on the side of their face, start at the side of their eyes and goes to the back of their neck, are called mascara. Their bodies have spotting which is usually rosette or some even have a marbled coat pattern. Bengals with spots and more than one color, are more in demand. The spot colors can be from rust to chocolate brown to cocoa to grey and black. Their tail, hind legs and fore limbs are striped. Bengals cats win in most of the competitions championships ,because they are some of the most exotic pets and intelligent and pleasant in nature.

Bengals are a result of years of selective crossbreeding . Jean Mill of United States developed Bengals in 1970s. They’re a hybrid breed created from crossing different breeds of domestic cats like American shorthair, Egyptian maus, ocicat, Abyssinian and different shorthaired pet cats. Basically, they originated by crossing small Asian Leopard cat or ALC and domestic cat This gives them the wild and exotic look with a pleasant nature. Breeders ares till working all over the globe to develop more qualities on this breed. The inspiration generations of the filial are the first three generations of Bengals. A lot of the males of those generations did not have the ability to breed, where as the females were. After the fifth generation, they had been no longer crossbred; as an alternative breeding was done between Bengal cats.

Presently there are three kinds of Bengal cats out there as pets, the Cheetoh, the Toyger, and the Serengeti cat. The Cheetoh are hybrid cats from crossing Ocicat and Bengal, to get a spotted cat breed. The Toyger are hybrid cats, that are produced by crossing domestic pets that results in a cat with stripes. The Serengeti cat, by crossing Siamese or Oriental cats to get a cat that appears like an African Serval,has been produced.

Based mostly on their patterns they are often named as brown marbled tabby, brown spotted tabby and ….. Other than the mentioned colors, additionally they are available blue, gray, and black, but only to get recognition across the world in these colors.

Not like other domestic cats, Bengals get fascinated with water and are easy to bathe. They get interestd in tap water, bathe and immediately leap inside the tub. They are also skilled to vocalize so as to interact with their owners. They are very active and play hide and seek and also learn games very well. Young ones want human attention and can be bonded with playing for more than an hour during the day and evening. They are attention seekers and all the time attempt to be involved in human activities. They follow their owners, but don’t like to sit on laps. People who have made their minds to keep Bengals as pet needs to be conscious that they need to spend lots of time with the cat, otherwise it will get bored. And if the cat gets bored it will possibly get annoyed and can make trouble . They have really a lot of energy, which they need to set free, that may only be done by keeping them occupied with activities. Owners who do not have time ,should actually keep two Bengals, so that they can play with each other. But the Bengals need to be given equal attention, otherwise one of them will get envious of the other.

What do you think ,would you choose  Bengal cats as pet ?

What is your favorite cat breed ?

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Know About Cats – A Quick History

 Know About Cats - A Quick History

Know About Cats – A Quick History

A Quick History Of Cats

It appears unusual that there was ever a time when cats were not a part of our lives.
It has been much less that 10,000 years since cats swaggered into our lives. It seem only an eye blink in the grand sweep of life on this earth. Why were cats so late to join our us?

The easy answer is that they did not need us to survive. Cats have been surviving very good on their own. Then, people invented agriculture. Agriculture resulted in large scale storage of grains which attracted mice and rats. Grain attracted rodents. Rodents attracted cats who consider them tasty meals. The result was that cats set up near human settlements. Finally, cats being cats, moved right on .

Where agriculture was first practiced the first cats were found. Agriculture first took root in the Middle East in an ideal sweep from modern day Turkey to Egypt. Inside this aerea ranges the African wild cat, Felis libyca. African wild cats are barely bigger than our modern house cats and are yellow in color with muted stripes. These cats have a docile, nearly laid back nature.
Interestingly, these cats still are likely to live and hunt near human Houses today. Locals
still like to catch and rear young wild cats as pets. Wild cats raised by
humans are likely to behave very similar to our familiar housecats.
A very good case can (and has) been the Felis libyca as the principal founding inhabitants for
home cats. Not less than two other varieties of untamed cat are speculated to have contributed to the genetic make up of home cats.

 Know About Cats - A Quick History

Know About Cats – A Quick History

One is Felis silvestris, the European wildcat contributed darker markings and a peppery spirit to the African wild cat base. Also, from Asia, comes the Pallas or Steppe cat (Felis manul) that appears to have contributed lengthy-haired coats to the mix.

By 6,000 B.C. statues found in Anatolia (modern Turkey) show women playing
with home cats. Cats had clearly become common and affectionate pets by that time.
The earliest written records about cats seem by 4,000 B.C. in Egypt where they have been regularly kept to hunt mice and rats from stored grains, a good time to be a cat in historical Egypt. Home cats have been thought to be the embodiment of the goddess Bast (or Bastet). There was a necropolis at her principal temple at Bubastis that contained mummified cats.

With the Romans the home cat went northward into central Europe and westward to
Britain .With the expansion of their empire, rapidly cats have been adopted and admired as
great hunters. And so they continued to move north and east in Europe. The Vikings used
cats as hunters and pets. Freyja, the Viking goddess of love and war, was related to cats. Enormous winged cats drew her chariot. To new brides a kitten in her name was given.
The Middle Ages it had been a really bad time to be a cat. Cats have been mentioned to be witches familiars, in league with the devil. Because of this superstition, cats have been routinely killed during festivals. Generally they have been even burned alive or thrown off tall buildings. The Europeans paid heavily for their cruelty to cats. Because of the deaths of so many cats the number of rodent inhabitants increased uncontrolled, bringing in the Black Death which killed a lot of the European population.

Finally, the cats cleanly methods and hunting prowess redeemed them in the eyes of the European people. In the 1600s, in France people started putting little holes near the underside of their doors to allow their cats to enter and leave as they please.

In Asia cats continued to be familiar hunters and cherished pets. Cats have been usually
subjects for drawing and painting in China. In Japan, cats in the form of Maneki Neko,
normally portrayed as a sitting cat with one paw raised and bent, are thought of good
fortune. They are usually found in businesses to attract in money.

The historical past of cats is an enchanting one, worthy of far more in depth study. It
shows how much cats were liked for there skills .

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Thank you for checking out this site. Here you will find all you need to know about Cats and Kittens,to make your Cat and yourself comfortable.

Cats are great companions. Many of us live alone and want to have someone around us, someone who loves us, no matter how we look and feel at the moment. Some like the fact that they can talk to their cat and that the cat will never give a negative answer. Maybe others want to have a new family member and companion for their kids and to teach them the first steps of taking care of others and sharing responsibilities. Cats are cute and cuddly but do not need to be around you all the time, so their affection is not overwhelming. Health professionals and researchers are finding that having a cat can actually benefit your health. Studies have shown that cats can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart disease, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood and reduce loneliness. Cats are relatively independent animals and they don’t need your constant attention. Unlike dogs, you do not need to take them for a walk for example. Another great thing about cats is that they are very clever and adaptable, so after a while they will learn your daily routine and follow along.

Cats provide you a good reason to communicate with other cat lovers and share experiences. Cats can open the door to new friendships and association with other cat lovers. You might just want to give a homeless cat a shelter and receive in return a lifelong loving attention or give an already existing cat a new friend. Whatever your reasons are; be aware of the responsibilities too.  Cats are living creatures and your decision is a decision about the life of a living, feeling animal. Such decision should not be done without giving it a thorough thought.

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know about cats

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