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Know about Cats – Caring For Persian Cats

Persian Cat

 Persian Cat

Persian cats are among the many popular breeds of cat.
Well-known for his or her gentle and sweet personalities
and their long hair, Persian cats are very attractive.
They are nice companions for nearly anybody, and never very
demanding. Not like other breeds, such as the Siamese breed,
Persian breeds want little or no attention.

Although white is the color normally associated with Persian cats,
they really are available in a variety of other colors as well.
For a competitions, they are divided into seven shades ,
like strong, silver and gold, tabby, shaded and smoke,
parti color, bicolor, and Himalayan.

It doesn’t matter what coloration of Persian cat it may be,
they are best noticed >throughout competitions by their
long and flowing coats.

Persian cats should always be kept inside of the house,
to protect their coat. If they travel , they can easily harm
their coat.

They also should be brushed each day with a
metal comb, or their coat can become tangled, which can
result in hairballs. You’ll want to wash your Persian cat
on a regular basis as well, to help protect his coat.

Bathing works best when the cat is young, as it will get
him or her used to it. Bathing is always necessary, it
will keep your cats coat clear and healthy. Some breeds
keep their coats on their very own, Persians can’t.

Their fur is long and dense and also you need to groom
them each day to make sure their coat stays healthy.

The Persian breed is gentle , getting along nice with everybody
including kids. They have a nice voice ,which is pleasant to hear.
Using their voice and their eyes, they can communicate with
their owners.

They are very playful, but they don’t need a lot of attention.
They love attention and love being admired. Not like other cats,
they don’t climb and jump a lot at all. They are not destructive,
they only love being admired and lying around. Most of the time,
Persian cats like to sit in the sun and show how beautiful they are.

Persian cat

        Persian cat

Most breeds may be kept indoors or outside, Persian cats should be kept inside and not allowed to go out of the house.
Keeping them inside will protect their coats and avoid diseases and keep common parasites away as well.

You do not have to worry about cars or canine when you keep your pet inside.

To make sure that your Persian pet stays healthy, you should
take him to the vet on an annual basis. If cared for properly,
like grooming,shots, and checkups, Persian cats can live as
long as 20 years.

One thing you should pay attention to that is common with Persians
is their eyes. Their eyes are very big and can be to much for the
cat to clean. It is a common health issue with the breed, and
should be checked on a regular basis .

When you compare Persians to other breeds, you will notice
that the Persians are easy to keep. You don’t have to worry
about issues like jumping or climbing, as Persians don’t like
to do this. All you have to do is feed your cat and groom
him or her.Grooming may be a bit of work in the long term.
It is worth it when you want to have a healthy and
beautiful Persian cat.

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of Cat hair 


Know about cats – How to get rid of Cat Hair

Know about Cats – How to get rid of Cat Hair

how to get rid of cat hair

how to get rid of cat hair

We all love our cats and like to have them around us. The kids love them and play with them and they are companion for kids and  teach them the first steps of taking care of others and sharing responsibilities.They are so cute, cuddly and soft ,but there is the problem with the hair .Two times a year all animals loose more hair ,in Spring and in Autumn. They get the Winter or the Summer fur. In Winter they have a thicker fur to keep warm and in Spring they loose this hair again. Not very nice for the one who has to clean the house and we are thinking of how to get rid of cat hair

Also some cat can have a disease called alopecia.
Here a short description.
Hair loss in cats
Hair loss (alopecia) is a common problem for older cats. The hair loss can be partial or complete, and the patterns varied or symmetrical. The skin surrounding the area of hair loss can appear normal or it can have redness, bumps, scabs, and skin loss.
In older cats diagnosed with cancer, cats with nervous disorders (e.g., over-grooming), hormonal imbalances, specifically too much thyroid or increased levels of steroids in the body, may lead to hair loss. Some cats experience skin allergies, which can also cause hair loss to occur. Hair loss in younger cats can be due to reaction to medication, chemotherapy, allergies, fleas, sunburn, anxiety, stress and malnutrition. Avoid stress, excessive sunlight and sudden changes in diet. Consult with your vet if causes are not obvious.
Hopefully your cat is healthy.
How to get rid of cat hair?
There are Pet brooms, sticky pet hair rollers and brushes.
Best is a vacuum, but not all vacuums are effective and some not easy to handle, because we have to get to tight spots on the couch and between the cushions and pillows.
If only this hair would not make use nuts we would even more enjoy to be with our pets.
How to get rid of cat hair
I went for a search to find a good vacuum, there are a lot of them, but are they handy? I think easiest to handle is a hand hold one, which you can carry even to tight spots. We need powerful suction to get rid of cat hair, we need something not too heavy with easy to clean filters and a powerful brush for stairs?
It is not a easy task to find the right one and I read a lot of reviews .
Some are too heavy ,some do not have enough suction ,others are too expensive. Finally I found two , see if you like them.

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how to get rid of cat hair

cats – how to get rid of cat hair

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