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The Story of Dusk The Cat

The Story of Dusk The Cat

Today I had unexpected guests. A couple from our Neighbourhood and Dusk the cat.

The story of Dusk the Cat

The Story of Dusk The Cat

Jenny Roy and Dusk

It was 10 years ago when the beloved cat of a neighbour died ,she was very old and sick .The owner of the Cat, Jenny, is a Lady who came sometimes to buy eggs from our farm and had always her cat in the car. She loved this cat like her child. That cat died and Jenny was very sad and cried. It made me think ,how to make her feel better.

We had a lot of wild cats around which we fed ,but they never would let us touch them. Even the kitten of these wild cats did not let us touch them. We saw this Lady so sad and thought maybe we can make her happy with a Kitten. The wild cats had many kittens and they did hide under our deck outside the kitchen . One day ,it was a rainy day and it was not possible to work outside, I made a toy with a thread and a piece of paper and went for a kitten hunt .I had a basket with a lid and it took me a long time to play with the wild kitten so they would come near enough . After more than an hour, I was able to catch one. It was a black kitten with long hair. I put it in the basket and drove to my neighbour’s house. Jenny’s husband Roy opened the door and I showed him the kitten in the basket and told him how I had caught it for his wife Jenny. He first was not very happy but called Jenny. When she saw the kitten ,she was in love . I left the kitten and went home not sure if it was a good idea ? Was it really good for them ? After a few month ,Jenny called me to come and visit her. It was unbelievable ,this cat was so in love with her ,it was visible right when I came into her room/ The cat looking lovingly at her sitting on her shoulder. Jenny was happy and grateful. I did not see them very often anymore, only sometimes in town or on the way waving while driving by.Our neighbourhood is wide stretches outside of town.

Over the years I heard they traveled a lot with the cat and how good she is behaving ,she won some competitions and looked beautiful. Roy told me that they took the cat with them on travel journeys all over US and Canada and she was accepted even in the best hotels and behaving phenomenal . Dusk never got sick and only had usual visits to the vet.The Story of Dusk The Cat

But today It was the 10th birthday of Dusk and this is why I got unexpected guests . They came to thank me and show me the cat and told me how much joy this cat had brought into their life. It was really uplifting to see this two people and Dusk the cat in love with each other. I hope that Dusk will stay with them and be alive for many years.

This is how a good intention and a little kindness can make somebodies life change  and how the happiness and joy come back to us.