How To Make A Dog Stop Pulling On The Leash

dog pulling leash

     dog pulling on the leash

Is your shoulder sore or weak from your dog pulling you and yanking down the street?

Me, me, me, I hear you cry! Millions of people can’t enjoy their walk with their dog ,because their are pulling on the leash.

Why not train your dog to walk without pulling on your site so you can enjoy your walk with no hassle!

What do you think? Its not complicated at all! It may take a little time, but it would be worth mastering. Expert Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan, demonstrates in his video, it can be a 5 minute turnaround . CLICK HERE > Video

Let me first tell you first some of the key mistakes that people a make when walking their dog.

As I mentioned before there are a lot of tricks how to walk your dog on the leash correctly , that he walks beside you. If you have a determined dog, (and they maybe both big and small size) you need to know all of them to you master the walk.

But generally , the tips I am giving you now will really help… So lets get started and get into the training.

To keep your dog calm is the most important thing to remember . If your dog is like a raging bull when you go out of the gate, like the one in the video ,it is going to be much harder to get them to walk nicely without pulling on the leash .
Calm them down! But how ? I hear you cry…

Alright, alright, I will tell you…

1. Calming your dog down.
Think about how you leave the house. You bring the leash and BANG! Your beautiful dog becomes a rocket. He jumps up, tail wagging, runs around and demands to put the leash on . Now …if you put the leash on your dog he gets even more excited!

Simple why? The lead you give him as a reward is what makes him excited. And his behavior gets more and more extreme. He becomes more excited .

Same thing happens as your dog drags you towards the door, barging his way along first and pulls you down the path. This makes your dog even more excited. He will be bursting when you get on the path!

Take your time next time you go for a walk with your dog . Take the leash and wait until the dog to calms down. Right. do what you were doing , continue and ignore your dog. If he does not calm down put the leash away .

It can take a little while, or maybe a long period, but your dog calms down after a few attempts. When he is calm , try again and repeat until he is totally relaxed when you take the leash.

Repeate this process until you are ready to start your walk. Wait calmly with your dog on the leash until he calms down before continuing or take the leash off and wait a few minutes.

Take some time to get this right now or you are going to be dragged around for ever. This issue is not “self correceting”.

Step two is an easy exercise you have to turn around when the dog pulls .

2. Change direction
Before you start , look which way the dog is heading. If he wants to go right, you turn left. Step to the left and repeat this until he is taking notice what you are doing.

Or simply change direction when your dog starts to pull, go another way.

Do this early, don’t wait untill the dog is miles in front. Your dog ends up behind you by doing this exercise . It can take some time but your dog is going to learn it.

3. Chose the right device
There are different devices available to help you to gett your dog to heel,take a look . In the video you see Doggy Dan using a special harness , the attachment is under the dogs chin. It is different to a normal harness which has the attachment on the back and the dog ends up pulling .

4. The pack leader leads…remember this
The pack leader leads the walk from the front He will fight for being at the front, if you are not the pack leader In your dogs eyes. Its as simple as that. Not possible to cheat a dog, especially the strong minded ones! To become the pack leader has to be learned, and is the basis of Doggy Dan’s world-famous training method.

The 5 Golden Rules,he developed, when followed every day, will help you to become the pack leader in gentle way. On his video website The Online Dog Trainer  , he shows this before any training begins, first establish yourself as the leader and use the 5 rules – this is really important in solving problems on dog behavior .

5. Some extra tips
Earlier, I mentioned there are some other tips and tricks like knowing how and when pull the leash a little without going over the top. When and where to give some freedom to the dog go sniff and pee needs some understanding(usually that’s the why we are going for a dog walk isn’t it!)

Look at Doggy Dan’s website The Online Dog Trainer,if you need to master the walk,he has over 250 videos. It is the best dog training site ever. Currently there are 7 great videos showing how to walk your dog, without him pulling on the leash and how to deal with all the issues and questions you have. There is even a 30 minute audio in the site – which you can listen on your walk!

Walking the dog everybody wants to enjoy, don’t wait any longer!

Remember when the pulling stops your dog will be glad as well , and he will walk  calmly beside you!


Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog.

Turn Your Puppy Into The Perfect Dog.

How to have the perfect dog? A lot of Dog owners talk about this and would like to have the perfect Dog ,but does a perfect Dog exist?
If we would ask …………is there a perfect person? I think the answer to that is , No!

Certainly there are really great people out there and there are some amazing dogs as well. What is the trick?

Here is my best advice.

Before you are going to a puppy school and learn how to do roly-polies and the commando crawl, think about this.

Does your dream dog do this? Is your dream dog like a monkey , so visitors come they can say ” Wow how clever he is ……..He well trained how do you make him to do that” ?and so on.

Usually in many of these cases the dog owner has to warn  the visitors ” No, don’t go near him when he’s eating, be careful when you pat him , do not touch his head, keep the kids away from his toys..!”

Is this not crazy?

So much time and effort is spent on how to do commands ,like sit and stay but we never think about the really important things. Or it is often too late.

Why this is so,do you want to know?

Because most dog trainers do what all the others are doing!

The sit, the down and the stay is what they all train! Right !Nobody asking  WHY?

Nothing new.

Would you put your dog to sleep (yes, I am talking about euthanized) because he didn’t a proper sit? Think about it….. Or the down command was too slow? Or because he did not stay proper? Certainly not ,who cares about this.

But this is what you learn at puppy school! WHY?!

And ,Aggression? Oh Boy.

A lot of dogs are put to sleep because they are aggressive, barking, growling, and challenging Aggressive to kids, owners and strangers , this is bad news.

An out of control dog is dangerous, pulling on the leash, ignoring you . And what about danger around cars and other dogs.

Few dog trainers show you how to prevent this, because only a few a understand it !

Most ideas of a perfect dog, are including all of the following 5 behaviors:

1. Around other animals and other dogs being calm
2. Being friendly to people and children
3. Obedient and relaxed at home
4. Coming when called at the park

5.Quiet when walking on the leash on the street
Hhmmm…….I hear you think. Yes you got it! 

Your next question ? let me guess

How do we accomplish this?

Ok, this great news , it’s not complicated. It is not complicated and tricky anymore ,all thanks to Doggy Dan’ s  video website  The Online Dog Trainer
On his website is the most amazing collection of videos and he shows you how really to get this kind of ‘perfect’ dog. Doggy Dan shows you In fact the video diary of 8 week old puppy Moses, he guides you through all the stages of accomplishing all the things we just thought about. 

Doggy Dan for an entire year filmed his puppy growing up and has a series of teachings each week which has to learned at every stage of a puppy’s life.Watch and train your puppy at the right time and make sure you don’t have problems later on.

If your dog is fully grown the site caters for every dog problem that you could face later on. You will find information about health, food, behaviour and training as well.

Doggy Dan’ s site is really amazing ,it has over 250 videos inside. It will show you exactly how to train those 5 important behaviors we mentioned … and much, much more!

If you really want to have a perfect dog, look no further you will be proud of your dog, take a tour inside Doggy Dan’ s site here: CLICK HERE

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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Stop Dog from Barking

Stop Dog from Barking

Does the the barking of you dog make you crazy ?
Do you have a constantly barking dog ,”Woof,Woof,Woof, Yap, Yap, Yap?”
Does it make your ears hurt?

Barking to much is not good for your dog either it is not making him happy.
It shows his stress ,frustration, anxiety or over excitement and this emotions are not good for him.

And not good for you !

Think of it ,relaxed dog does not bark!

Lets take a look on a specific type of barking
and lets see how we can stop it…..

A common issue is ,your dog is barking if you are not home.
You may not know about,but you neighbour will tell you after awhile ,when your dog makes him crazy
and you may have even a visit from a dog control officer .
The key for stopping your dogs barking is to understand why he is barking, what is the cause .
we do not only have to treat the symptoms.

We have to look at this trough our dogs eye.

Think of it like this……………

He is a pack leader and one of his jobs is to protect his pack.

If everybody is leaving the house and the dog stay’s alone at home
he get’s stressed and think’s he lost his pack!

He wants his pack to come home again and is stressed and bark’s to call his pack back
This is his job .

Just think about……….

if you have a kid you would like to have it save .

If you know where it is and what it is doing ,you feel relaxed.

If you would heard the door and think your kid is gone outside you get worried.
Would you run after your kid ? for sure and you would call it.

What if the door was locked and you can’t go outside .

Would you phone somebody for help? The dogs do not have this ability!
You would shout for help and this is exactly what the dog is doing………….

you would not sit down and relax ,while your kid is maybe in danger ,would you?

Now you can see why your dog is barking when he is left locked is and alone.

All this bad things dogs are doing ,like chewing,digging under the fence or jumping over it,
all this only happen when you are not around…….
this a re symptoms of a stressed doggy,worried about you not being safe and at home.
your dog is not able to talk to you about this!

The solution is not to give him a bone to chew ,when he is alone at home.
Think what you would do in case of the kid in danger.

Nothing would make you comfortable not even a box of chocolates!
For a left alone dog ,toys,food and other distractions may work for a short time ,but this is only like
treating the symptoms. Did you try it?

There is a very simple solution!

You have to be the pack leader in your dogs eye !

If you do this correctly,the dog will not think of protecting you.

The dog is going to be totally relaxed as you come and go .

This is no trick ,this is only the right understanding of a dog
and the real solution.

Becoming a pack leader is not difficult .you can learn it.
But it is not explainable in only a few minutes.
You can take a look at Doggy Dan’s website he explains very nicely how to be the pack leader and stop your dog from barking when you leave them alone.

Here are some tips you can use to become your dogs pack leader which helps to stop barking.

Exercise:  Exercise your dog before you leave – a tired dog is more likely to relax

Find the right space: Try leaving your dog in different areas – some dogs will relax more outside, others inside and some prefer smaller areas such as a washroom

Fed and water: Always leave water and make sure that your dog is fed before you leave

Pick up the bones: Leave toys around for your dog but not bones

Music and TV: Consider leaving music or TY on for your dog – these distractions can help

Herbal remedies: There are some herbal products for dogs which can help relax them – but again they do not really treat the cause of the issue, they simply help relax them.

Dog walkers: A break in the middle of the day can certainly help break up your dogs day

Leave calmly: Leave your dog calmly – whilst it’s fun to get excited when you leave your dog it’s better if you leave calmly. Try to say goodbye 5 minutes before leaving to help them stay relaxed as you go

Comfort jackets: There are also jackets and shirts available that are designed to comfort them – however they are very expensive and have limited success . I even know of one dog that ate it!

Stay away from the idea of getting another dog ,this does not solve the problem.

Because the root of the problem is not boredom .

I hope you now have a better understanding of a barking dog’s problem .

If you really would like to stop the barking issue of you dog ,
I would recommend to have a look at Doggie Dan’s website and learn to be the pack leader.

Take a free look around the site Click here.

There is big section about barking dog problems under “Separation Anxiety”

It is not difficult ,you only have to understand and see the situation through a dogs eye instead of a humans eye.The dog wants a strong pack leader ,not bones and balls and biscuits.

Get started right now ,the sooner you learn it the sooner you will be the pack leader and make yourself and
your neighbours happy.Not to forget ,the dog will be happy as well.

Click here for Doggie Dan

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How To Train A Dominant Dog

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Did you have to deal with a situation ,while walking your dog down the street and you see another dog coming? Your are worried about this ?

This means you have a dominant dog and he is going to try to leave his mark on the other dog and you do not know how bad this could be.

Even though the coming dog is on a leash ,you are worried about the trouble if they come to close and you are looking how to avoid this…..

Before you know what to do your dog is pulling like crazy and his back hair are starting to rise.

Whatever you tried before to stop this ,now you are in the same situation again .You tagged the leash,tried a nother collar nothing worked.You struggle to keep them separated.

You think there is no way to stop this behavior of a dominant dog ?

Why is this that your dog behaves that bad?

Many dog owners and trainer’s seem not to understand ,that they have given the wrong message to the dog at home and in this situation ,with another dog coming along the street, it is too late to change this.

In fact, it is very simple ………….

We have to understand that Dogs are not like us humans interested in things like TV’s, fast car’s or the next holiday’s.

Dogs are about survival,protecting their pack and the property ,this is the way dogs are and especially when they are outside ,this is what they instinctiv want to do.

Think about this. Dog’s accept leader’s or follower’s ,because they are pack animals.

The leader decides what has to be done to protect his pack when in danger.

Think about this.What will happen if your dog thinks he is the leader and he see’s down the street a strange dog coming your way?

Yes, your dog will go in the other dog’s way with his head and tail up and try to make the other dog go away.

And this is where it gets dangerous.

How does this come ? Your dog was allowed to be the pack leader at your home and he thinks he has to protect his pack ,which in this case is you.
Is this not interesting ,it seems ,we have to be trained ,not our dog 🙂
This is where Doggie Dan’s training method is very useful .because he can show you how to make you the pack leader for your dog.

He does this very effective in a very kind way with his 5 Golden Rules.

Doggie Dan’s pack is taking it easy if they are with other dogs, because they know he is the pack leader.

Naturally some dogs are more dominant than others and all dogs are different ,but it does not even matter what kind of dog it is.

Here is the secret:

Its YOU who has to be the pack leader. All training tricks will work with your dog when he knows YOU are the Leader. It needs only a gentle pull on the leash and a little sign of warning .

The training methods you are using right now may be good ,but without a good basic training method, they will not bring you results.

Your dog is not listening to you ,when he see’s the other dog,because he thinks he has to protect his follower and his pack,which is YOU,

YOU need to become the pack leader ,to make it work.

Here are a few training tricks Doggie Dan gave me ,I will share with you .to get a calmer dog than before ,when another dog is coming your way. But remember, YOU have to be the pack leader first.

Food distraction: This can work really good .Use as a distraction. Give cheese or chicken not the usual tread.

Take it easy: Build trust slowly,it will not happen over night .Unless you he accepts you as pack leader.Don’t push it too fast.

Be a Master of the walk: Have control over your dog ,when another dog comes down the street ,you may need to use another collar.

Show what you want and be focused: You have to show your dog how you want him to behave and not follow what he wants.

Step in if needed: Guide you dog away and gently correct or tug ,afterwards relax immediately.

The method work with your dogs natural instinct ,this is what I like most.

One dog is usually above the other ,this is the natural instinct and can’t be taken away .
If you are the top dog for your dog ,he will not be overprotective and dominant or tense.

Here is a great video of two dogs playing dominant.

If you would like to start to control your dog and you think it is time now to become a loving leader then
Click Here: Doggie Dan

Turn things around and remember it will be too late ,if you walk down a street and are scared when another dog comes your way.

Give your dog the message that YOU are the Pack leader

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Dog Training Tips

For training a dog there are only some real keys,

if you try to teach your dog to sit,stop barking or stop when you call him or any other skill.

To establish a good relationship with your dog you have to understand the importance of this keys ,to get long lasting and quick results.

If you do not want to struggle ,with you training ,you have to first win your dogs mind.

This means your dog has to look for your decisions.Watch one of the videos about the 5 golden rules to make yourself a pack leader.

If you miss this important point you will fail and whenever you want him really to obey ,he will go and do his own thing.

Even if your dog is 99% obedient ,he has to obey ,even when he is playing with a ball . You need to be sure that you win his mind and does what you ask him to do.

To motivate your dog ,is the second key.You have to find out what kind of exercise and play and also rewards he likes.You will archive more and you and your dog will enjoy the training and look forward to it.

Work with you dog and make it enjoyable.Some dogs like obedience training,swimming and retrieving or fetching and being agile. Dont
forget to reward your dog.

Three rewards are:

Food – like dry biscuit or sausage
Attention – cuddles and praise

Toys – chasing ,games throwing sticks.
The dog will work harder ,if you are fair to him in your training .
If you do not like to use food ,make sure you give him praise and affection when he does well.

For food rewards:
Give a different kind of foods
Don’t give all time rewards
Don’t let the dog know what kind of reward he gets

If he does not come the first time you call him ,do not give him a reward.

Practice is the third key to success!Learn how to encourage the dog to be better than the last time and give him a reward for this.
Show your dog what you want him to do and you will not need to struggle with the training.

The Online Dog Trainer is one of the best sites and top Dog Trainer Doggie Dan will shows you all this and more.

Click here for Doggie Dan 


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Know About Cats – The Maine Coon Cat

 Cat Breeds – The Main Coon Cat

Main Coon Cat

Main Coon Cat

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! What about a purebred cat? There are a lot of breeds that can be found in this country, each with his own
characteristic look and temperament and history. Think about what characteristics you want to see in your new companion. Perhaps you would think about a:

Maine Coon Cat

The ancestry of these big, hearty cats from New England is unknown. More than likely
they came from Europe with the early settlers as working cats on the ships. Some
of these lengthy haired ship cats apparently decided to disembark in the new world and
made their home here together with the new colonists. Winter in New England can be tough. Only the strongest survived those early winters.They settled in their new homes and the long haired cats began to thrive.
The Shaggies,as they were called then, became a familiar part of colonial life in New England.

The Maine Coon Cat is a big, robust, intelligent cat. They are also very loving family members and stay very playful into old age. Maine Coon Cats do not
appear to make snap decision about people. They stay reserved when they first meet new people or come into a new home. Once they have made their decision,
they become affectionate and devoted companions. Maine Coon Cats even have an unusual fascination with water. They are known to dabble of their water dishes or play in showers before the water has all run out. Once in a while, a cat will actually go swimming.

Maine Coon Cats are gentle giants in the cat world. Males can reach 20 lbs, female reach 12 lbs. The difference between male and female is unusually large.

The females are no pushovers despite their lack of size. They really feel they are as strong as the males and are not afraid to show it.

Maine Coon Cats have broad chests with well muscled bodies and medium size legs. This breed does not reach full maturity till they are four years old. The smallest part of this cat is its voice. Maine Coon Cats
speak with a high squeaky voice that seems fully incongruous coming from such a
massive cat. These cats chirp and trill as well as meow. To hear a Maine Coon Cat speak is an eyeopener.

These cats have thick semi long coats which are all-weather and water-resistant. Happily, the Most important Coon Cats coat does not tangle easily. It is
surprisingly silky. The most common coat colour is tabby although they can come in all kinds of colors and patterns.

The Most important Coon Cat is a breed whose cheerful ways continue to charm people.
Give the Main Coon Cat a closer look.
This cats laid back temperament would make an excellent family pet. This cat may be exactly what you are looking for in a new companion.

Here is a great Book about Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds 

Visit the Know About Cats store here

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Know about Cats – Cat Mythology

Cats as familiars have a long and dark history in western mythology.

Cat Mythology

Cat Mythology

The cats often found their way into literature. Some of the well-known was Grimalkin, the witches-cat from

Shakespeare’s MacBeth. Cats as witch’s companions are still a symbol associated with the modern holiday of Halloween.

What is a  familar? In western mythology a familar was an animal companion
given by the satan to a witch to be able to help her along with her evil magic. These animals
would have names just like some other pets. In the the middle ages, if you happen to were caught speaking to your pet (like lots of people do) you were considered to be consorting with the satan .
The Center Ages were a very dark and violent period in Europe. Their alternative name “Dark Ages” are no surprise.
Studying was confined to clergy and nobility. The general population was because of this quite ignorant and prone to superstition.

A familiar could be any kind of animal comparable to a toad, dog or cat. Black cats
became to be the traditionally companion and therefore cats became particularly reviled. In
1233 Pope Gregory IX wrote in his Papal Bull “Vox in Rama” really denounced black
cats as satanic. The Popes proclamation began the persecution of cats all over Europe.
Hundreds and hundreds of cats were burned alive in the attempt to drive out the evil
Satan. Wild tales of these cats shape shifting into other creatures were common among
the population and justified these horrible acts in their minds.
When the power of the Knights Templar was broken, some of the knights confessed to
worshipping cats. These so-called confessions were given under extreme torture. This
seems to show more the attitudes of the inquisitors than anything the
Templars themselves had done.

Black Cat

Black Cat

Why were black cats in particular singled out? There are a few legends that
may clarify this.In the first legend, the story goes, is that cats
who were born on the end of blackberry season were called blackberry cats. Based on
this legend, the end of blackberry season is the same time as the expulsion of Satan from
heaven. When he fell he landed on a blackberry bush which he marked with his urine and
spit. Blackberry cats, especially black ones are associated with the satan in this tale.

The second story comes from Italy.Italian witches, were called “streghe” and there is a legend about Diana who is goddess of the moon and called “Queen of the Witches”. Her brother who was known in historical times as Apollo, is renamed Lucifer (Light Bearer) in this tale.

It is told that Diana wantet to have a son from Lucifer, so she tried to trick him by taking the shape of a black cat.

As you can see, these tales were pretty wild, but the people of these dark
times took them as the truth. The irony of this superstitious hysteria towards cats
was that by killing all the cats the Europeans almost destroyed themselves. Cats had been
used for hundreds of years to keep the population of mice and rats down. When
their predators were destroyed, the vermin population exploded. They ate a lot of grain that had been meant for human consumption leading to widespread starvation.

Even worse than the starvation was that the large numbers of rats
grew to become illness carriers. The worst of these illnesses was the bubonic plague,
often known as the Black Death. The Plagues of the Center Ages have been horrible events ,because of the believe of mislead superstitious People.

Read more  Cat Mythology

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