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The 10 Biggest Myths About Dog Training

The 10 Biggest Myths About Dog Training

There are a lot of conflicting opinions and myths about dog training out there and most of them are not right.
In this article ,Doggy Dan will tell about his
real experiences he got by working with dogs
and really understanding them.

1. It takes a lot of time to train a dog

This is not true .It can be very easy when you know how
It is not necessary to spend a lot of time in obedience
classes for dogs and walk in circles by bad weather.
This is the old way and a waste of time. Dogs are easy going
animals ,they like to walk and be trained once a day,but they
also, like to sleep a lot.
If you have been doing classes and your dog is still not obedient
then something is wrong.

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2. Only one person can be a pack leader

Dogs can respect all people in a house and listen to them ,if they
are calm and gentle, the dog will listen to the commands. It is not                                                 true that a dog only listens to one master.

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3. It is necessary to attend a puppy school

Usually, puppy schools are not effective at all,they are not a good
investment. Most of the time the puppy owners only sit around and
get to know other puppies .The only thing they learn is usually “sit”.
The important things are left out .Gaining knowledge about a dog
and understanding would be more important.

4. Good dog training is expensive

A lot of money is spent on training classes with very
poor advice and People do not know where to get quality training
for an affordable price. After attending expensive classes
the dog is still a nightmare for them.

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5. A dog only can be trained in a positive way

But this is often not a complete solution.Often it is needed
to step in and stop bad behavior.It is very important to
understand the dog and get it to behave in a positive and
loving way.No need to hurt ,but more than only rewards are needed.
A dog is like a child and needs praise ,but also you need to stop
bad actions and use timeouts to make him think over.
Treats often are used incorrectly and do not solve the problem.

6. Never use food treats

Treats used the right way to the right time ,can be powerful helpers,
but in more than 250 videos Doggy Dan shows how to use them effectively
and also learn what to do so you do not need them.

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7. Old dogs can not learn new tricks

Dogs are always ready to learn and like to relax and have a pleasant
life,but for this, you need to know them well and be able to
communicate with them.

See how to do this here

8. Practice and hard work are needed

If training is done in a right way ,your dog will obey easily.
Dogs are very smart and will behave in a matter of minutes if you
are able to communicate right with them and are the leader.
Work smart not hard .

9. Small dogs are easier to train

It does not matter if big or small,it is like with people

we can not judge them by size!

10.Trouble making dogs are stupid

Not true,many of this dogs are very clever.we only need to learn
to understand these intelligent creatures.

Do you feel like you miss something and are struggling
with your dog’s training ?

Did you have a bad experience ?

Write a comment and let me know.

If you like this information ,please share ,thank you

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How To Train A Dominant Dog

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Did you have to deal with a situation ,while walking your dog down the street and you see another dog coming? Your are worried about this ?

This means you have a dominant dog and he is going to try to leave his mark on the other dog and you do not know how bad this could be.

Even though the coming dog is on a leash ,you are worried about the trouble if they come to close and you are looking how to avoid this…..

Before you know what to do your dog is pulling like crazy and his back hair are starting to rise.

Whatever you tried before to stop this ,now you are in the same situation again .You tagged the leash,tried a nother collar nothing worked.You struggle to keep them separated.

You think there is no way to stop this behavior of a dominant dog ?

Why is this that your dog behaves that bad?

Many dog owners and trainer’s seem not to understand ,that they have given the wrong message to the dog at home and in this situation ,with another dog coming along the street, it is too late to change this.

In fact, it is very simple ………….

We have to understand that Dogs are not like us humans interested in things like TV’s, fast car’s or the next holiday’s.

Dogs are about survival,protecting their pack and the property ,this is the way dogs are and especially when they are outside ,this is what they instinctiv want to do.

Think about this. Dog’s accept leader’s or follower’s ,because they are pack animals.

The leader decides what has to be done to protect his pack when in danger.

Think about this.What will happen if your dog thinks he is the leader and he see’s down the street a strange dog coming your way?

Yes, your dog will go in the other dog’s way with his head and tail up and try to make the other dog go away.

And this is where it gets dangerous.

How does this come ? Your dog was allowed to be the pack leader at your home and he thinks he has to protect his pack ,which in this case is you.
Is this not interesting ,it seems ,we have to be trained ,not our dog 🙂
This is where Doggie Dan’s training method is very useful .because he can show you how to make you the pack leader for your dog.

He does this very effective in a very kind way with his 5 Golden Rules.

Doggie Dan’s pack is taking it easy if they are with other dogs, because they know he is the pack leader.

Naturally some dogs are more dominant than others and all dogs are different ,but it does not even matter what kind of dog it is.

Here is the secret:

Its YOU who has to be the pack leader. All training tricks will work with your dog when he knows YOU are the Leader. It needs only a gentle pull on the leash and a little sign of warning .

The training methods you are using right now may be good ,but without a good basic training method, they will not bring you results.

Your dog is not listening to you ,when he see’s the other dog,because he thinks he has to protect his follower and his pack,which is YOU,

YOU need to become the pack leader ,to make it work.

Here are a few training tricks Doggie Dan gave me ,I will share with you .to get a calmer dog than before ,when another dog is coming your way. But remember, YOU have to be the pack leader first.

Food distraction: This can work really good .Use as a distraction. Give cheese or chicken not the usual tread.

Take it easy: Build trust slowly,it will not happen over night .Unless you he accepts you as pack leader.Don’t push it too fast.

Be a Master of the walk: Have control over your dog ,when another dog comes down the street ,you may need to use another collar.

Show what you want and be focused: You have to show your dog how you want him to behave and not follow what he wants.

Step in if needed: Guide you dog away and gently correct or tug ,afterwards relax immediately.

The method work with your dogs natural instinct ,this is what I like most.

One dog is usually above the other ,this is the natural instinct and can’t be taken away .
If you are the top dog for your dog ,he will not be overprotective and dominant or tense.

Here is a great video of two dogs playing dominant.

If you would like to start to control your dog and you think it is time now to become a loving leader then
Click Here: Doggie Dan

Turn things around and remember it will be too late ,if you walk down a street and are scared when another dog comes your way.

Give your dog the message that YOU are the Pack leader

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Dog Training Tips

For training a dog there are only some real keys,

if you try to teach your dog to sit,stop barking or stop when you call him or any other skill.

To establish a good relationship with your dog you have to understand the importance of this keys ,to get long lasting and quick results.

If you do not want to struggle ,with you training ,you have to first win your dogs mind.

This means your dog has to look for your decisions.Watch one of the videos about the 5 golden rules to make yourself a pack leader.

If you miss this important point you will fail and whenever you want him really to obey ,he will go and do his own thing.

Even if your dog is 99% obedient ,he has to obey ,even when he is playing with a ball . You need to be sure that you win his mind and does what you ask him to do.

To motivate your dog ,is the second key.You have to find out what kind of exercise and play and also rewards he likes.You will archive more and you and your dog will enjoy the training and look forward to it.

Work with you dog and make it enjoyable.Some dogs like obedience training,swimming and retrieving or fetching and being agile. Dont
forget to reward your dog.

Three rewards are:

Food – like dry biscuit or sausage
Attention – cuddles and praise

Toys – chasing ,games throwing sticks.
The dog will work harder ,if you are fair to him in your training .
If you do not like to use food ,make sure you give him praise and affection when he does well.

For food rewards:
Give a different kind of foods
Don’t give all time rewards
Don’t let the dog know what kind of reward he gets

If he does not come the first time you call him ,do not give him a reward.

Practice is the third key to success!Learn how to encourage the dog to be better than the last time and give him a reward for this.
Show your dog what you want him to do and you will not need to struggle with the training.

The Online Dog Trainer is one of the best sites and top Dog Trainer Doggie Dan will shows you all this and more.

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