Know about Cats – Caring For Persian Cats

Persian Cat

 Persian Cat

Persian cats are among the many popular breeds of cat.
Well-known for his or her gentle and sweet personalities
and their long hair, Persian cats are very attractive.
They are nice companions for nearly anybody, and never very
demanding. Not like other breeds, such as the Siamese breed,
Persian breeds want little or no attention.

Although white is the color normally associated with Persian cats,
they really are available in a variety of other colors as well.
For a competitions, they are divided into seven shades ,
like strong, silver and gold, tabby, shaded and smoke,
parti color, bicolor, and Himalayan.

It doesn’t matter what coloration of Persian cat it may be,
they are best noticed >throughout competitions by their
long and flowing coats.

Persian cats should always be kept inside of the house,
to protect their coat. If they travel , they can easily harm
their coat.

They also should be brushed each day with a
metal comb, or their coat can become tangled, which can
result in hairballs. You’ll want to wash your Persian cat
on a regular basis as well, to help protect his coat.

Bathing works best when the cat is young, as it will get
him or her used to it. Bathing is always necessary, it
will keep your cats coat clear and healthy. Some breeds
keep their coats on their very own, Persians can’t.

Their fur is long and dense and also you need to groom
them each day to make sure their coat stays healthy.

The Persian breed is gentle , getting along nice with everybody
including kids. They have a nice voice ,which is pleasant to hear.
Using their voice and their eyes, they can communicate with
their owners.

They are very playful, but they don’t need a lot of attention.
They love attention and love being admired. Not like other cats,
they don’t climb and jump a lot at all. They are not destructive,
they only love being admired and lying around. Most of the time,
Persian cats like to sit in the sun and show how beautiful they are.

Persian cat

        Persian cat

Most breeds may be kept indoors or outside, Persian cats should be kept inside and not allowed to go out of the house.
Keeping them inside will protect their coats and avoid diseases and keep common parasites away as well.

You do not have to worry about cars or canine when you keep your pet inside.

To make sure that your Persian pet stays healthy, you should
take him to the vet on an annual basis. If cared for properly,
like grooming,shots, and checkups, Persian cats can live as
long as 20 years.

One thing you should pay attention to that is common with Persians
is their eyes. Their eyes are very big and can be to much for the
cat to clean. It is a common health issue with the breed, and
should be checked on a regular basis .

When you compare Persians to other breeds, you will notice
that the Persians are easy to keep. You don’t have to worry
about issues like jumping or climbing, as Persians don’t like
to do this. All you have to do is feed your cat and groom
him or her.Grooming may be a bit of work in the long term.
It is worth it when you want to have a healthy and
beautiful Persian cat.

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18 thoughts on “Know about Cats – Caring For Persian Cats

  1. lizdelaney

    I love long-haired cats. We used to have 2 of them. They were not pure Persian as they liked to climb – especially hang on the flywire screens….

    1. erikabeyk Post author

      Hi Liz ,
      I think this was maybe trouble ?
      Yes long-haired cats look beautiful ,
      but it is not easy to care for them
      and not nice if they loose hair .
      Thank you

  2. Willena Flewelling

    Persian cats are beautiful, but I’ve always enjoyed them from a distance. I don’t think I would ever have one, because they are too high maintenance. I like a cat who can take care of herself. 😉

    We have five cats. 4 are everyday tabbies, but Missy looks like a purebred Turkish Van. She has the typical sweet face, long white fur with light ginger markings on her forehead and tail. There’s no way we could keep her indoors — we tried! She loves to hunt, and regularly brings her offerings to the deck by the back door. Oh yes, and she thinks she is the Queen of the house!

    1. erikabeyk Post author

      Hi Willena ,
      Keeping a cat inside is not everybody’s thing ,
      I too like cats going outside and enjoying life.
      This people who have this special cats ,usually it is a passion of them.
      not for everybody 🙂
      Thank you

  3. sueblimely

    Do cats really get used to bathing? My kittens would claw and scratch so much it put me off although we are looking after a snow white kitten who really shows the dirt. Any hints on how to do it?

    1. erikabeyk Post author

      Hi Sue ,
      I think cats do not really like water ,
      but I know there are some who are used to it,
      usually cats which are not allowed to go outside .
      usually cat know very good how to clean and be pretty 🙂
      Thank you 🙂

  4. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hi Erika, Great post. Persian cats are beautiful but I don’t think I could keep up with daily combing of their fur. Very interesting to read about them.

    Have a great evening, Monna

  5. drerica

    I enjoyed reading about how to care for a beautiful Persian cat and the fact that they love to be admired for their beauty. It continually amazes me that animals have such exquisite sensitivity.


    Dr. Erica

    1. erikabeyk Post author

      Hi Erica ,
      yes animals are not much different from people ,
      they like to be admired and feel good about ,like us 🙂
      Thank you 🙂

  6. Jacs Henderson

    Thank you Erika! that was lots of information I didn’t know about Persian cats … they seem in fact quite different to care for than others cats …and you made me smile when you said they like to lie in the sun and show how beautiful they are! They must know they look beautiful … but they take a lot of keeping that way for the owner!!
    I have to say, I am more of a dog lover … but have learnt a lot from your post 🙂

    1. erikabeyk Post author

      Hi Jacs ,
      I think yes they know they look good .
      I do not have cats and dogs myself anymore ,but keep this
      posts ,because I like them .
      Thank you 🙂

  7. Lesly Federici

    Nice article, I had a friend who had 3 Perrsian cats … so much hair! LOL.. I used to always have cats. Now I have dogs, My Boston Terrier who I adore .. pets are awesome…

    1. erikabeyk Post author

      Hi ,
      I am cat free myself ,
      lost them all and my dog too,
      because of this I keep this site .
      I am not going to get cats or dog anymore ,because I know they get
      killed on the road here.:(
      Thank you for the comment

  8. Nate

    A good friend of mines owns several Persian cats. They are all well kept and beautiful. I’m going to pass this along to her. Thanks for the heads up on this!


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