How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Stop Dog from Barking

Stop Dog from Barking

Does the the barking of you dog make you crazy ?
Do you have a constantly barking dog ,”Woof,Woof,Woof, Yap, Yap, Yap?”
Does it make your ears hurt?

Barking to much is not good for your dog either it is not making him happy.
It shows his stress ,frustration, anxiety or over excitement and this emotions are not good for him.

And not good for you !

Think of it ,relaxed dog does not bark!

Lets take a look on a specific type of barking
and lets see how we can stop it…..

A common issue is ,your dog is barking if you are not home.
You may not know about,but you neighbour will tell you after awhile ,when your dog makes him crazy
and you may have even a visit from a dog control officer .
The key for stopping your dogs barking is to understand why he is barking, what is the cause .
we do not only have to treat the symptoms.

We have to look at this trough our dogs eye.

Think of it like this……………

He is a pack leader and one of his jobs is to protect his pack.

If everybody is leaving the house and the dog stay’s alone at home
he get’s stressed and think’s he lost his pack!

He wants his pack to come home again and is stressed and bark’s to call his pack back
This is his job .

Just think about……….

if you have a kid you would like to have it save .

If you know where it is and what it is doing ,you feel relaxed.

If you would heard the door and think your kid is gone outside you get worried.
Would you run after your kid ? for sure and you would call it.

What if the door was locked and you can’t go outside .

Would you phone somebody for help? The dogs do not have this ability!
You would shout for help and this is exactly what the dog is doing………….

you would not sit down and relax ,while your kid is maybe in danger ,would you?

Now you can see why your dog is barking when he is left locked is and alone.

All this bad things dogs are doing ,like chewing,digging under the fence or jumping over it,
all this only happen when you are not around…….
this a re symptoms of a stressed doggy,worried about you not being safe and at home.
your dog is not able to talk to you about this!

The solution is not to give him a bone to chew ,when he is alone at home.
Think what you would do in case of the kid in danger.

Nothing would make you comfortable not even a box of chocolates!
For a left alone dog ,toys,food and other distractions may work for a short time ,but this is only like
treating the symptoms. Did you try it?

There is a very simple solution!

You have to be the pack leader in your dogs eye !

If you do this correctly,the dog will not think of protecting you.

The dog is going to be totally relaxed as you come and go .

This is no trick ,this is only the right understanding of a dog
and the real solution.

Becoming a pack leader is not difficult .you can learn it.
But it is not explainable in only a few minutes.
You can take a look at Doggy Dan’s website he explains very nicely how to be the pack leader and stop your dog from barking when you leave them alone.

Here are some tips you can use to become your dogs pack leader which helps to stop barking.

Exercise:  Exercise your dog before you leave – a tired dog is more likely to relax

Find the right space: Try leaving your dog in different areas – some dogs will relax more outside, others inside and some prefer smaller areas such as a washroom

Fed and water: Always leave water and make sure that your dog is fed before you leave

Pick up the bones: Leave toys around for your dog but not bones

Music and TV: Consider leaving music or TY on for your dog – these distractions can help

Herbal remedies: There are some herbal products for dogs which can help relax them – but again they do not really treat the cause of the issue, they simply help relax them.

Dog walkers: A break in the middle of the day can certainly help break up your dogs day

Leave calmly: Leave your dog calmly – whilst it’s fun to get excited when you leave your dog it’s better if you leave calmly. Try to say goodbye 5 minutes before leaving to help them stay relaxed as you go

Comfort jackets: There are also jackets and shirts available that are designed to comfort them – however they are very expensive and have limited success . I even know of one dog that ate it!

Stay away from the idea of getting another dog ,this does not solve the problem.

Because the root of the problem is not boredom .

I hope you now have a better understanding of a barking dog’s problem .

If you really would like to stop the barking issue of you dog ,
I would recommend to have a look at Doggie Dan’s website and learn to be the pack leader.

Take a free look around the site Click here.

There is big section about barking dog problems under “Separation Anxiety”

It is not difficult ,you only have to understand and see the situation through a dogs eye instead of a humans eye.The dog wants a strong pack leader ,not bones and balls and biscuits.

Get started right now ,the sooner you learn it the sooner you will be the pack leader and make yourself and
your neighbours happy.Not to forget ,the dog will be happy as well.

Click here for Doggie Dan

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