Dog Training Tips

For training a dog there are only some real keys,

if you try to teach your dog to sit,stop barking or stop when you call him or any other skill.

To establish a good relationship with your dog you have to understand the importance of this keys ,to get long lasting and quick results.

If you do not want to struggle ,with you training ,you have to first win your dogs mind.

This means your dog has to look for your decisions.Watch one of the videos about the 5 golden rules to make yourself a pack leader.

If you miss this important point you will fail and whenever you want him really to obey ,he will go and do his own thing.

Even if your dog is 99% obedient ,he has to obey ,even when he is playing with a ball . You need to be sure that you win his mind and does what you ask him to do.

To motivate your dog ,is the second key.You have to find out what kind of exercise and play and also rewards he likes.You will archive more and you and your dog will enjoy the training and look forward to it.

Work with you dog and make it enjoyable.Some dogs like obedience training,swimming and retrieving or fetching and being agile. Dont
forget to reward your dog.

Three rewards are:

Food – like dry biscuit or sausage
Attention – cuddles and praise

Toys – chasing ,games throwing sticks.
The dog will work harder ,if you are fair to him in your training .
If you do not like to use food ,make sure you give him praise and affection when he does well.

For food rewards:
Give a different kind of foods
Don’t give all time rewards
Don’t let the dog know what kind of reward he gets

If he does not come the first time you call him ,do not give him a reward.

Practice is the third key to success!Learn how to encourage the dog to be better than the last time and give him a reward for this.
Show your dog what you want him to do and you will not need to struggle with the training.

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